“It’s Spicy”


Spicy 5 is out now!

Adult Video Script

Released : 12 July 2017!


Spicy : A plugin that turns PHPVibe into an adult video cms

Spicy can be that answer! That answer to your long desired adult website that brings monthly income with minimum effort!
PHPVibe is easily customizable, offers multiple qualities conversions, the best players on the market and built in ads system (to start with…) and with Spicy it can help you build that dream money making website!
The ads on the adult marketing are highly sold and quality content can bring massive revenue from a video website on the adult niche.

Using PHPVibe + the Spicy plugin it probably the most cheap and viable way to start your own adult website!

For a full adult webmastering experience also checkout the BlackHub theme.

It adds several sources for the “Embed from link” section of PHPVibe plus the Redtube importer.
With this you can create an adult community where visitors can watch videos and view pictures (music being irrelevant, can be hidden from settings).
Benefit from advertising income using PHPVibe’s native ads manager (capable of inserting ads on the fly).

Spicy : Adult video loaded

Still want a website like



Try Spicy for PHPVibe

Redtube mass-video importer

Importing videos from RedTube got easier than ever!

With this importer you can import Redtube videos by searches, pornstars, tag or category.
This will bring fresh content to your website and a lot!
You can choose your strategy and alternate imported videos, uniquify the text (or not?) and download as local your favorite traffic bringing videos!

Redtube videos downloader

If you prefer to download and store Redtube’s videos as your own, Spicy covers that as well!
You can easily download any video (via ajax, parallel downloads available ) to your server and play it trough your own player.
You can choose to download and store on your server .mp4 file from Redtube, permanently dropping the Redtube conexion.

Embed adult videos from all around the world.

Spicy can generate on the fly embeds from the following websites (for link submits):

Redtube.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags, Link to video file [mp4 480p])
PornHub.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags, Link to video file [mp4 480p])
xHamster.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title )
Tnaflix.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Description, Duration, Video title)
Mofosex.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Video title)
Pornrabbit.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Video title, Description, Duration)
Tube8.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags)
Spankwire.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags)
Youporn.com ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags)
Fantasti.cc ( Uniques : Thumbnail, Duration, Video title, Tags)

Please know that Spicy is a plugin!
It only adds functionality, no design, no theme/skin is included/changed!

As of version 5 Spicy attempts to decode the direct link to RedTube and Pornhub’s videos. It will play the videos in JwPlayer.
Please disable full cache for PHPVibe to avoid url security timestamps caching!

You can easily write your own adult source via PHPVibe’s hooks system.

Adult video sources, for adult videos embeds injected into phpVibe’s video provider’s class..

Adult Plugin

  1. only 29

    Easy installation
    Easy to customize, 100% open source!

Enjoy our code, it’s clean and has no adult video or pictures in it.
It’s plain php designed to help you build the best adult website!