Video Conversion & Qualities

FFMPEG for a good video experience

Offer desktop and mobile playable videos anywhere

Quality selection

Video Qualities

Unique feature : FFMPEG control

PHPVibe makes use of the FFMPEG technology to extract video duration, video thumbnail and convert videos to different qualities (multi-qualities of same video, all mobile playable).
The great news : All commands sent to FFMPEG are editable directly from PHPVibe’s admin panel. No need to edit code.
With FFMPEG you can allow users to upload videos in various non-playable for web formats like .avi or .mpeg and convert them into .mp4 an universal playable format for all devices.
You also select the qualities enabled, and the FFMPEG command sent for each quality.
You can alter all this effortlessly.

FFMPEG settings for video conversions

The end result is delivering a quality selector to your player

Quality selectors are important. Even if the internet is pretty fast this days, some countries still have very bad internet speed.
You for sure want to deliver a low quality video alternative, not just stunning HD videos.