Video Ads

In video ads (VAST/VPAID)

Make money; Engage audience

Videos boot conversions and sales, also shows geat ROI and builds trust.
With video marketing you can easily explain everything and engage even the laziest of buyers!
The true “in video” ads used also by Youtube are the VAST/VPAID ads.
To understand what they are please read this and also read this.

PHPVibe comes by default with VideoJs’s VAST/VPAID plugin (IMA SDK Plugin for Video.js) pre-installed for the player. Adding an ad is as simple as copy/pasting the link to the ad tag in the admin panel.

SKIP TO VIDEO can be set from the tag. See some example tags

Here are some videos:

If you wish to run VAST/ADS in JWPlayer or Flowplayer :

Flowplayer has a commercial plugin. See it here
JwPlayer has commercial editions called Platinum and Enterprise. See Vast details here

Both the paid versions of JwPlayer and Flowplayer’s plugin ARE NOT available in PHPVibe. However, they can be easily hooked into our player’s class (few lines of code).

Like video ads but not quite video ads

OverVideo html/js ads

OverVideo html ads allow placing of a html/js ad in the following positions: pre-roll, post-roll, over-video (as static or annotation).

Here is a video:

PHPVibe comes ready with over-video html spots (Available for all local players) and VAST/VPAID ads support for VideoJS.
More videos are available on our Youtube channel.