VibeJs Player

A build of VideoJs 6 that fixes some issues and adds some stunning plugins.

VibeJS Quality switch

VideoJs is a sweet video player and it’s the only one with free video ads available on the market.
It had one problem: A too simple design!

We build VibeJs’s css styling looking at the modern trends.

We’re also improved it with:

Video quality switcher.
Easily switch qualities to avoid mobile data consumption or to enjoy full hd videos.


Any device ready.
Works on desktop/mobile/any device
This has become probably the most important feature a player should have


Youtube support.
It can play Youtube videos and also switch qualities.


Keyboard shortcuts for fast in-player operations.

VibeJS : Subtitles

VibeJS Subtitle settings

VibeJS Speed menu

VibeJS Playing Hovered

VibeJS Mute