Upgrading from PHPVibe v5 to the MediaVibe CMS (Vibe6)

by @PHPVibe
5 years ago

The upgrader and ‘How to’ are now available in the zip pack.

Please follow that procedure to upgrade!

The upgrader will be released sometime after Easter.
We’ll have a chance to check the database changes between our build and MediaVibe’s build.

If you are in a hurry to upgrade you can follow this steps:

– Install v6 separatelly
– Copy the old files from v5 to new locations:
/media -> /storage/media/
/cache -> /storage/
/lib/langs/ -> /storage/langs/
/uploads/ -> /storage/uploads/
– Export the old database having only data, NOT structure with your server’s phpmyadmin. Here is a phpmyadmin tutorial.
– Import the old database’s data into the new database. A good practice is to empty the tables on the v6 database before doing the old database import (user_groups, options…).

Clear cache and you should be done.

Hope this helps,


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