This troubleshooting solves 95% of the emails received at support and saves you a lot of time.

So please read it carefully!

Before reinstalling the cms (which never works to solve anything) please follow this simple steps :

Prepare your server settings for large file uploads and check your settings for video uploads and ffmpeg.
If the video isn’t uploaded in /rawmedia folder something is wrong in the upload process (Server setts?), and if it doesn’t convert check that /videocron.php is fired and that the settings in admin for FFMPEG are right (and tested working with the ff.php file in the tester), the Log in the admin panel will help get a clue (FFmpeg Logs in Menu).
Don’t skip this, this settings can’t come pre-prepared by default, you’ll need to edit them in the admin, as they differ from one server setup to other.
On the Settings menu follow every setting, and save the page.
Most settings will be blank, resulting in sections not working until they are configured.

Common situations

Note: If you can’t install the database on your sql version (user table not being created) please apply this simple solution.

In most cases the server is missing the Mcrypt module which is required to hash passwords.
Scenario 1 (Admin forms creation fails) :
Your MySql is in safe mode. This is probably caused by the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode defined MySql. Removing that setting and restarting MySQL should fix the problem. You should probably contact your server administrator as it will require a manual edit to the mysql cnf file on server via ssh.
Scenario 2 (Setup not showing admin step) :
Please check vibe_config.php , make sure that the database details are correct and that the sql user has full permissions over the database.

– Make sure you upload and overwrite the .htaccess file in the PHPVibe root.
– Make sure you use Apache (else rewrite the rules for your server via a tool online) and that mod_rewrite works (AllowOverride check)
– Make sure if you upload it in a folder that you change the RewriteBase / to /your-folder-name in the main .htaccess file
– If you can’t find an .htaccess in the patch, go to your file manager and check the settings that allow you to see system, dot, hidden files. (For Mac read this)
– Most times servers generate a blank .htaccess file, make sure you overwrite it with the one in PHPVibe’s pack!
A folder install is used
For now PHPVibe needs a clear install on a domain or subdomain, as per it’s requirements.

The licensing fails in the following scenarios:
– The key is invalid, it is created wrongly (not for the main domain, but subdomain, or folder. PLEASE only use the main domain for key creation, example:
– Your server has blocked the connection to (You can use the requirements tester to see if the connection works)
– Typos : Make sure the key in vibe_config.php has no pre/post space between the key and the bracelet.

Please add your Youtube API key under Settings. If that doesn’t change anything, make sure you have no restriction on the Google app (ip/domain).
The error_log may help with a valid response from Google (if it’s not printed on the page). In the most common cases encountered clients put domain as security referral but their server doesn’t send a referral with the request.

Go to Settings -> Logins and find this block Secret encryption salt (Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported), make sure your random key is 16, 24 or 32 characters long.

Overview of login keys

Overview of login keys

Edit vibe_config.php and change the mail delivery from php to smtp, complete all the fields under mail settings.

 ** Mail settings.
$adminMail = '';
$mvm_useSMTP = false; /* Use smtp for mails? *//* true: Use smtp | false : uses's PHP's sendmail() function */$mvm_host = '';  /* Main SMTP server */$mvm_user = ''; /* SMTP username */$mvm_pass = 'mail pass'; /* SMTP password */$mvm_secure = 'tls'; /* Enable TLS encryption, `ssl` also accepted */$mvm_port = '';  /* TCP port to connect to*/

Weird blockages on upload, sessions being killed? Disable mod_Security on the account.
Also make sure that you don’t use :name in permalinks if you use characters like arabic or chinese, korean, etc.

Set the timezone to yours in vibe_config.php. You can get your timezone from PHP : List of Supported Timezones.

/** Timezone (set your own) **/date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Bucharest');

This implies issues with your exec from our tests, the only way this seems to get fixed in the few cases happening is if you reinstall/upgrade your php environment on the server.

The carousel is set to infinite scroll, once you have more than 6 videos you won’t have this problem.

Please remove the recently deprecated namespace :section from your permalink structures in Settings -> Permalinks.

This isn’t an actual error, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Once this happens individual files are removed.
In most common cases removing folders with php will fail, and the cache clear will move to “plan B”.

Run the sql safe mode fixer. Download this zip file! Extract the zip, and upload sfmod.php to your PHPVibe folder on the server, run it in browser (point your browser to and wait for the output). Clear PHPVibe’s cache.

Go to Settings -> Uploading and change the Uploaded video state. You’ll need to publish the previously saved videos, this will only affect post-save imports.

PHPVibe has 2 layers of caching, the full cache (freezed stage) should not be used for fresh websites. In vibe_config.php change the killcache variable to true

 ** Full cache settings.
$killcache = true;

Head to the admin panel, bottom of the left menu has tools, inside the Tools menu you’ll find Current Options, click it.
On top of it You’ll see the add option.

Add this:
Option name Option value


Clear cache, head to Login settings and change your pin.

If the update or patch requires more than file changes, or specific changes they would be contained in the "HowTo.txt" file in the patch/upgrade folder.
Else it's just file edits.
You can compare file changes (if they contain custom changes made by you) or simply replace them with newer ones.
Upgrades/patches are structured for direct upload, following the CMS's file and folder structure.