PHPVibe Support

Unfortunately until the end of January our developer is in recovery after his surgery. No support or technical help can be provided until his recovery period is over! We are sorry for any inconveniences!

  • We take very seriously bugs and issues in our platform, and fix them as fast as they are reported.
  • For client help we offer the support system.
  • Please know we won’t teach you how to code. Just provide tips and guidance.
  • We do not offer “urgent support”, our support time is limited to after hours and sometimes it takes a bit (handling almost 10000 clients with 2-3 people is not easy).
  • We ask all our clients to allow up to 5 working days for an answer, especially in upgrades building periods this time may be longer.
  • Summer vacations period (July 15 and August 25) brings slower support. As most members of our team (if not all) have vacations of up to a month from their workspaces.
  • Minimum requirements to receive help:

    # Clear, detailed explanation of the issue.
    Please be very specific and provide as many details as you can on any issue encountered so we can help faster and with fewer answers required. Our coders do not have any psychic abilities! Please do understand this!
    # The url or the issue and a login (if required to see the issue).
    # A copy of your error_log is required for any error debugging.
    # Minimum coding level is required, we won’t teach you how to edit files, just provide the change (if necessary).
    Please delegate an employ / somebody else with knowledge if you have no skills in this area.

  • We strive to help everybody as fast and as much as we can.
  • Our goal is to provide a great product which saves our customers $$$$!

    Simple: Buy, own, develop your website, we will serve you improvements!
    We highly recommend hiring a freelance developer/ development company to modify PHPVibe for you if you do not have the skills required.
    We believe every website should be one of a kind, and encourage you to make your website profitable by not limiting yourself just to our framework cms. PHPVibe is really easy to modify and style, and you can achieve an amazing website based on it!

  • As legal agreement support for PHPVibe is not included in your purchase.

What we guarantee for your purchase

– Continuous development.
– Updates and fixes for confirmed bugs.
– Players (we don’t build them) periodical upgrades for the cms integration.
– Lifetime availability for license (Your keys will not expire).
– Unlimited downloads for purchased software

What we don’t offer

– Server (hosting) setups and installations.
– Anything “ITis” that does not relate to coding this cms.
– FFMPEG installations
– Help with 3rd party plugins/themes purchased from another seller.
– Custom features code (We do advice on “where” and procedures)

For any other information, please open a ticket.