PHPVibe Requirements

What your

Shared hosting/VPS/Dedicated needs

to run the PHPVibe cms

* Nginx information is based on clients feedback.
Server settings for Nginx are not included.
Ioncube is no longer required for PHPVibe > 5.


FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
It’s also needed to extract duration and thumbnails from video files.
FFMPEG video conversion is optional but needs the following to work:

– FFMPEG 1.x+

Compiled with Video and Audio Codecs (needs x264)

Our FFMPEG setup

We test and build on this FFMPEG setup

Warning: PHPVibe doesn’t work by default with FFMPEG 0.6 or any version under 1.0!
If you are new to this, please contact your hosting regarding this requirements.

More info

For more information on setting up your server please see our Server setup tips.