PHPVibe (lite) moving to GitHub

by @PHPVibe
5 years ago

We’re moving the project PHPVibe Lite to Github at this address .
We’re doing this to discontinue the central-management and make the free project community-managed.
We hope more and more people will get interested and contribute to this open source CMS.
As an official release it will remain discontinued on this website.

Upgrade your /moderator to the version on Github to remove the licensing options and make your copy work without a license key.

Mails about the move

We wish to strongly apologize to everyone which have received mail or mail yesterday from our store.
Our new developer has redacted a draft for an official newsletter, but somehow this has resulted in sending out a lot of mail trough the store’s native mailing system. A system we’ve never used, just to draft messages between devs and sales.
All our emails come via MailChimp and have unsubscribe options.
By the time we’ve figured out what has happen and closed the process a lot of our free clients have received a bunch of emails, we do strongly apologize for!

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