PHPVibe’s (Now MediaVibe) road so far

At first (end of the year 2008)

this video script started as a simple and private Youtube API CMS.
We’ve started developing for our own private use and it did the job, taking advantage of the newly released API of Youtube and Google’s ‘child days’ it was generating an constant increasing revenue.

It developed in an free video script

one year later when ‘duplicated content’ websites where already on Google’s ‘wanted list’.

The ‘VideoScript’ period

On the launch of the video cms the choose domain was (we don’t own it anymore!).
The script was free and it server to build an video website depending 100% on Youtube videos (Youtube API based).
What happened around this period is the interest driven, low back then, but existing.
People cam with idea, with requests and the forum for this product started buzzing life every day.

ZubeeTube (2009)

was the next step into VideoScript’s development. Zubee Tube modified the way the script works, by allowing a more steady import of Youtube video to the owner’s video website. No longer auto-filling the website with video on visitor’s search. The cms was getting a first ADMINISTRATION and management plan.
As normal as everywhere, with the high request of features came the price, and the project turned into a full product, no longer a free video script, but cheap back then (around 15$ and also cheap in features).
However the interest kept growing…also the needs or the clients or simple visitors which had or wanted to buy the cms.


Bad web picture. But it will give a clue how Zubee Tube was in the beginning.

PHPVibe 1 (end of 2010)

The first complete remake of Zubee Tube.
A full remake of the platform into a product and the new name that stuck with this project: PHPVibe!
Was still heavily dependent on the Youtube API but was more and more administrable and making the first stept to a featured video platform.

Alternative theme:


First admin panel:


PHPVibe 2 (~ 2011)

As the changelog stated:

Added in v 2.1.2: - niche opportunity - featured videos - channels - admin easy import to channels - playlists - local search(optional) and many more fresh features! 
Added in v 2.1.1: 
- Admin mass import (per Youtube keyword / feed) - Dinamic homepage - Switch between SQL storage and Youtube API (no database) - Youtube Suggestions - Footer based on the famous Sherpa navigation - Many more!
Fixed : 
- Mysql load & hanging processes 
Improved : 
- New design 
- New thumb generator 

What we didn’t know back then, was how close we are to understanding the market’s needs and ready to answer them.
newslider5 (1)

PHPVibe 2.5 (end of 2011)

A step further to what was about to come, and a first step into mobile videos.

PHPVibe 3.1 (early 2012)

The fist true feature full video cms we have released!
Version 3 (3.0 and 3.1) where an extreme makeover in both looks and functionality.

PHPVibe was no longer cheap, no longer an ‘simple video script’ and was taking the step to a professional video cms.

People where buying it, people where talking about it nicely everywhere!

AND most important about it: this had video uploads and video sources for manual embeds.

PHPVibe 3.3 (end of 2012 / early 2013)

The success of the cms came on us like rain, but it was no longer an ‘wow’ feeling, we’ve felt more the cold rain.
The cms so far was depending on a cms framework called Mokoala in the admin which started crashing under the heavy features.
Now this was no longer the way to go. We had to rebuild it, we had to write our own system, no longer depending on other’s developer’s work and no longer costing us in extended license.
We did it after 2 months of solid work (let’s translate that to 24/7).
Version 3.3 of the PHPVibe video cms was an entirely new code, and new platform, an new cms.
This time, it started to feel more like WordPress in the code (a cms we’ve developer on heavily on that period as part of our web development services).

It was a good release taking thing ever futher, with subscriptions and a tone of features people where only seeing in Youtube’s platform.


PHPVibe 3.4 (midd-2013)

A few more steps for the cms in the modern and professional direction.

3.5 (midd-2013)

Development was still going, answering to the general requests, and design had an turnover to a ‘Youtube like’ theme.
Tons of features are being added and improved with every upgrade and path.

PHPVibe 3.6 (end of 2013)

Constantly improving and optimizing both functionality and design.

3.6 second edition (midd-2014)

Second edition of PHPVibe 3.6 fixes the few issues and adds some useful things.

- New titles editor (SEO : pre-post easy changers)
- jPlayer & jPlayer ads
- Channels (Categories) list (page)
- New editor for articles and pages
- Moved Google OpenId login to Google Plus login (reason:deprecation)
- Moved site to full width
- Redesigned partially the admin
- Global activity in admin
- Fixed channel's menu css positining
- Improved setup information
- New admin hooks system (no more code editing in hooks.php)
- New simple groups manager
- Fixed various reported bugs 
- Removed cron's shell_exec for causing trouble on some setups (you'll have to trigger it from server's panel)
- Fixed problems with player's js not being loaded


PHPVibe 4 (2015)

Built as a improvement of 3.6 this version of the CMS brings full control over FFMPEG, carousel blocks on homepage, full static caching, plugins support, bugfixes and much more!

PHPVibe v4

PHPVibe v4

PHPVibe 5 (2016)

PHPVibe v5, everything has changed for the better! A full remake of the cms.

PHPVibe 5.9 (2017)

Better got even better!

MediaVibe CMS (PHPVibe 6, 2018)

Major upgrade, improvements of usability, new Youtube like design, a lot more!

The cms is being rebranded from PHPVibe to MediaVibe

, to make way for a github community maintained lite version, this way it won’t create confusion.
MediaVibe continues PHPVibe and it’s the new official name for our project!

We’re building a better version of this video script

…as you read this!