Mass-Importing Youtube videos with PHPVibe Youtube Clone

by @PHPVibe
9 years ago
The Youtube API v2 is deprecated.
PHPVibe’s Youtube importer now uses the API V3.
Some info in this article may be old and deprecated.


One of the most requested and abused features in the PHPVibe cms is the Youtube importer.
The free plugin comes built-in and does not require any separate install to use it.
There are few limitations from the Youtube api like the number of videos returned (see: Understanding the Youtube API) and the Google ads and Youtube logo (see Removing the Youtube logo from player).

The Youtube importer explained

The Youtube importer comes with 2 modes:
Youtube Automatic will import all video on the screen without asking any questions (you can later edit/manage them in the Media Manager)
Youtube by Choice will allow you to pick which video get imported or which are skipped.

A common problem is understanding the username/channel for the Youtube user/channel import.


has the username


and using it will import the “Cat Music” videos.


Importing Youtube searches

Is the easiest thing to do.


You just type the search keyword and map the new videos to an local channel/category and an local user.


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