Languages and Translations

Easy language creation & translations

In our platforms we’ve focused on simplifying the road to multi-language, to add, delete or remove a language very fast and directly from the admin panel.

Available in the administration panel Settings -> Languages

Languages Admin

Languages Admin

Creating a new language

It usually takes a few minutes to create a new language file.
You’ll need the folder /lib/langs to be writeable.
And of course to simply translate the terms.

New language form

New language form

Localisation and storage

PHPVibe detects the visitor’s browser language and uses that as default language IF it is available in the languages.
The cms stores every language as an individual json file.
This can be exported and imported whenever needed (As backup, or anything else).

Setting the default language

Default language setup

Default language setup

As simple as that…

Good practice

PHPVibe/MediaVibe logs all the new terms called for translation via the _lang() function.
It’s good practice to edit the language files and refresh them from time to time so all the (new) terms are in the files.

Coding with the language system

Using the language system in your coding is very easy:

echo _lang("This will get translated trough languages")