Import the entire PornHub via PornHub csv dump

by @PHPVibe
6 years ago

Today we’ve made a few tests with the Pornhub’s webmasters csv dump.

We’ve split the 4gb dump file in a few smaller files and converted them to PHPVibe’s table vibe_video’s csv import options.
We’ve created a repo on Github for everybody to download and use the csv dumps.
You can import any dump via phpmyadmin directly to your database into the vibe_videos table.
Note: We’ve called them .cvs instead of .csv so they can’t be browsed easily 🙂 you could rename them, but this extension won’t affect your imports.

This isn’t a product. It’s just the result of some test we’ve run, that you may benefit from!

You’ll need Spicy for the Pornhub videos to work in PHPVibe.


– Make a backup

– Know what you are doing

Importing so many videos to your database may slow down PHPVibe and your server.

– Optimize the database tables

– Sort your input

You can alter the videos from phpmyadmin directly, querying them by the fields date and also source.
Delete videos with views < 50k

delete from vibe_videos where views < 50000 and source like '%pornhub%' and date like '%27-07-2017%'

Reset all pornhub videos views to 0

update vibe_videos set views = '0' where source like '%pornhub%' and date like '%27-07-2017%'

Change the date to your import date 🙂

Sample importing

Sample importing


  • Hi
    i tried to import pornhub csv files to database but messages keep saying Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded i been increase php.ini Maximum execution time to 3000000 every versions but still not works please help.

    • @PHPVibe says:

      Hi, that’s a setting in your phpmyadmin/server. not in phpvibe. You can split the cvs files into smaller files, there are windows/mac softwares for this.

  • dung says:

    I need to import bulk video from youtube. If there are plugins imported under the video category as possible. Ex import all videos:
    Does mediaVibe meet this requirement? If I need 1 billion videos from youtube, how do I get the fastest.
    I want to buy a source Medievibe, but do not know how to get a large number of videos, such as mport videos under large CSV files, …

  • Hi there, does anyone have advice to upload high volume videos from the csv. Im trying to pull csv but Pornhub only getting about 10% of the requests. Really struggling and its taking so long to do upload. Please help, anyone.

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