How to buy

Before you buy

Warning: Prices in the pictures shown on this page may be outdated!

Please consider taking time and testing good the demo(s).
Rushed purchases are not refundable, as per the terms of service and also an ‘money back’ policy is not available for digital products.
Check the requirements, PHPVibe as any good video sharing manager has special requirements and will not adapt to every little hosting account.
We strongly recommend that you use at least an VPS with at minimum 2 gb of ram if you plan to convert videos via ffmpeg.

Decided? In order to purchase the PHPVibe cms your first need to sign-up to the downloads area.

Buying PHPVibe

Head over to the current edition of PHPVibe and purchase it using the two options available on the right.


Purchase with PayPal

When purchasing with PayPal you will be sent to the PayPal website and upon competition of the payment returned to the PHPVibe Downloads.
The money will be in your account and you will be redirected to the purchase page in a few second (you don’t have to click anything else).
On very rare occasions, when PayPal api has delays OR you have closed the page(etc) you will need to click “Purchase with credit” since the money will be added to your balance, but not also the download (it will be awaiting for your action).

Purchase with credit
This options exists because of several reasons:

1. The ‘rare occasions’ described bit upper.
2. The clients which hate making a payment for every item and they use the ‘New deposit‘ link.
3. The clients which have been with us for long and still have unspent credit in the balance.
4. Western Union / Bank payment are credited to the client’s balance.

In case after the PayPal payment PHPVibe is not in your downloads, the store will credit your account with the price. In such cases because the PayPal IPN is slow (nothing we can do about it) you just have to click the “Buy with credit” button to purchase the script/plugins/etc using the store credit.

PHPVibe isn’t delivered to your e-mail. You need to click download in the store from either the product’s page or “My downloads” menu.

Buying plugins and/or themes

The message showing when first trying to buy a plugin/theme without owning the cms states the the first purchase must be the CMS.
Meaning you need to own PHPVibe before buying any extras for it.


Upon purchasing the CMS all the plugins and themes will become available for purchase.


Further downloads

You can download PHPVibe and your brought plugins an unlimited number of times.
The cms benefits of free upgrades for one year, after that you may (or not) be asked to pay an small fee for accessing the current version (the older versions till that point will remain available).
To download the cms just click the ‘blue button’.

License keys

PHPVibe offer the number of keys specified in the current offer section (under pricing).
With pricing (or without) this offer may change. So check it when making a purchase and don’t think is the same as one week ago (for example).
This number of keys remains the same as purchased, and can be increased by purchasing an extra key (or more).
You need one key/main domain. The CMS can work with the same key on multiple installs but only on the same main domain (folder/subdomain installs work with the same key as the main domain).

To create a key browse to ‘My Licenses’ where you can easily add and manage your keys.



Upgrades are free for the period of 1 year and will usually bump into your account with no extra need/click from you.
After 1 year if we consider the CMS needs an upgrade fee due to many features brought in that upgrade we can ask the clients which have passed their free upgrade period for a fee.
You will find the upgrade deals in this case under ‘Upgrades’.