Getting started with PHPVibe


Assuming you own PHPVibe, have created a key for your domain, and installed the cms, this tutorial will guide you trough the first steps.

]When starting with PHPVibe use “Tools” >> “Clear cache” to see changes in real time.

Admin panel:

To access your admin panel access /moderator after logging in with your admin data.
You can change the link in the vibe_config.php, make sure you also rename the “moderator” folder to the new name.

Category/channel creation:

Before uploading/adding a video to your new website you will need to create at least a first category:
Go to the admin panel, and select “Channels” -> “Create”


The creation form is very simple to understand:

Homepage videos:

If you have done the setup correctly your homepage should look like:


To add content to your homepage simply go to the admin panel and select “Homepage builder”


From here you can add home blocks to your PHPVibe homepage.


Automated tasks:

The Youtube importer allows automated tasks (cron imports). To import videos from Youtube on autopilot click “Automate this” on either By choice/Automated version of the importer.

Note: Makes sure cron.php has execute permissions (chmod 0555) and exec() and shell_exec() are available on your server and also bin path is set in the PHPVibe configuration.
The cron manager is available under:


FFMPEG will allow you to extract video details (duration and thumbnail) plus convert mpeg/avi files (which do not play online) to mp4 (web format compatible with mobile devices as well).
For FFMPEG we strongly recommend that you check Step 5 of the instalation tutorial. FFMPEG can be tricky to install, configure and interact with, but once set up properly you never have to touch it again. Not mentioning is the only way to achieve conversion and extraction.

PHPVibe can work without FFMPEG the downside is that you have to upload the thumbnail and input manually the video duration.