Choosing a server for the PHPVibe Video Script

by @PHPVibe
9 years ago
Note: This refers to beginners and non-experts.

Before buying the server/VPS

A good idea when choosing a server is to ask yourself: do I know what I’m doing? Did I even did this before?
And if the answer is no, no matter the budget available pick a managed plan for the server (at least for the first 2 months).

Choose the hardware

Choose the best hardware you can afford, and if you don’t afford much keep in mind:

– A cell phone has more than 1.5 Gb of ram this days. So pick more on your ram.
– If you plan to use ffmpeg for low quality and small files (2-10 mb) 2 Gb of RAM should do it (very poorly, and not recommended)
– If you plan to use ffmpeg for medium (100-400mb) files conversions you will find that 4 Gb is a pretty low choice in server memory.
– If you plan to convert large ffmpeg files and keep them in HD then an 8 gb ram server would take about 1h/1gb without load.
Depending on your plan, if you want to have stunning hd clips you need to risk a large server:storage space, ram and processor speed, don’t forget the bandwidth.
The good news is that 32 gb of ram dedicated servers are becoming more and more available and in consequence cheaper.

Always optimize the sql config. Never leave it with the default setting.
Google terms: Optimizing Server Performance / Optimizing sql performance

Picking the OS & panel

Always go for a Linux OS, Linux is far more stable and minimal than Windows Server, and will work flawless with PHP.

We use : CentOS 6 (never had a problem with it)

When it comes to hosting panels Plesk and cPanel are kings. Well, cPanel at least (the only one we can guide you tough also), even if the price difference is an issue, the nerves consumed with other panels make it worth to pay extra.

Configuring the requirements

This are simple suggestions and refers to our server’s build at this date. Some versions may be a better choice in time.

This explanation is based strictly on cPanel and it’s WHM.
Head over to Easy Apache upgrade and check the following:

Tip: Expand the lightbox to see the full image.

Tip: Expand the lightbox to see the full image.

Choose always the latest stable versions!

Hope this helps!
Note: We are not hosting experts!


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