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Mobile ready

Great multimedia experience everywhere!
Even on mobiles and tablets

Chosen by

More than 1000 webmasters per year

since 2010


millions around the world


Great features and tools

A modern UI

That people are familiar with

A full featured framework

MediaVibe CMS 6.1

Advertising ready

Modular homepage

Youtube importers and cron

A unique VideoJS implementation


Best playlists

User controlled

Video Manager

Administrative tools

Video Edit

Better video management

Codeless FFMPEG Manager


Crafted for VIDEO but perfect for Multimedia

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The market for

video and media is insane

Growing year by year the consumption of videos and images charts are trough the roof!
With Facebook, Youtube and Instagram having more and more strictness and removing media for a few seconds of a song the market has opened to new webmasters and smaller websites now more than ever before. And there are new ways to monetize and build communities around media!


We craft and

provide the tools

PHPVibe and MediaVibe are two CMS platforms optimised to receive the best Google and Facebook visibility.
They come bundled with tons of features and tricks.
Any of them could be the platform to start your next media project!
Looking out for every need we’ve already released a secondary, lite, variation of our CMS.


The why…

…choose PHPVibe or MediaVibe?

We’ve built a modern cms with the versatile mix of features webmasters need, they cover all the needs of a video website.
We know the need for video uploading & conversion to multiple qualities, social video sharing, images and music is major SO we’re released the MediaVibe CMS, while for the webmasters lacking space and hardware power we’re released PHPVibe Lite, a smaller and simpler way to share videos without hosting them!

They’re useful, secure and complete


We’ve built PHPVibe in both variations (Lite or MediaVibe) as a modern video CMS, being tired of having to settle for limited features. Online videos are a growing and very profitable niche, we want to offer the tool that converts and attracts both traffic and revenue.
If you plan a video website for video uploads, video blog, corporate video platform or simply wish to own a piece of the wide video market, consider our platforms as your start point.
They have included many of the features which around the web cost $$$ in plugins.
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